University of Bedfordshire

The Luton campus at the University of Bedfordshire offers Business, Media Art and Design, Science, Computing, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences.

The University of Bedfordshire asks Irish students to hold an Irish Leaving Certificate (Irish Highers) when applying for a course.

Prospective students from Ireland and the rest of the European Union are eligible to receive loans from the British government to cover university tuition fees.

To apply for a university course at the University of Bedfordshire, you must go to a separate website called UCAS where there’ll be an admission fee of around £20, and further details of the steps that need to be taken.

To go to UCAS:

To visit Beds Uni Student Union:

Beds University Student Union (BUSU) offers help and advice to students along with offering opportunities to have fun.

In Luton there are numerous societies you can join which fall under the categories of academic, cultural, faith and recreation societies. For example under the recreation societies there are Bedfordshire entrepreneurs, singing and performing and the cocktails and spirits.
There is a sports section that falls under the Union called Bedfordshire Bulls which enables students to get involved with sport. In Luton the sports on offer include athletics, boxing, tennis and football to name but a few. Some sports are also split into sex sets.

The help and advice that is on offer to Bedfordshire students is:

• Academic advice: how to avoid plagiarism, ways to deal with exam stress and how to appeal a mark if you’re not happy with it.
• Finance: online budget planner, tips on student banking and top 10 money saving tips on how to save your student loan.
• Housing: offers an online housing advice booklet.
• Health and wellbeing: gives advice on sexual health, personal safety at University, homesickness and culture shock and alcohol awareness.

BUSU gives information on places to socialise while at University – the Luton Lounge (coffee and drinks bar) which plays host to society events, live bands, karaoke and quizzes.
Bedfordshire Green Hub: advising students how to be more ‘green’ by promoting campaigns like student switch off, snap it off, student eats, interhalls recycling, ethical purchasing and Fairtrade. This is all in aid to promote a healthy campus and community.

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