There is a shortage of Local Authority (Council Housing) in Luton. Applications from people with no connection to Luton will no longer be accepted.

Applicants must have lived in Luton for three years, or worked in the Town for 12 months or more, to be accepted onto the waiting list.  Access the Luton Borough Council allocations policy at www.luton.gov.uk for further information.

• If you are considering renting privately you will need to provide 1 month’s rent and 1 month’s equivalent rent for the deposit.  For a 1 bedroom property this would mean a minimum of £1,400.00 in total for both rent and deposit.

• If you find yourself on a low income or on income from benefit because you cannot find work, that you are entitled to housing  benefit, however housing benefit will  only be paid at the rate set in the local housing allowance which, for a 1 bedroom flat in Luton, is currently £499.11.  You can access the LHA table at www.voa.gov.uk
• For single people under the age of 35 housing benefit will only be paid at the rate for renting a room in a shared property, regardless of the size of the actual property.  The shared accommodation rate is currently £258.06.  As you can see there is a substantial difference in the rate of benefit.

• You may find people around the Town renting out rooms for lodgers – however it may be difficult to find out about this as someone new to the Town and you may have to provide references beforehand.

We have provided websites where you can search for private rented accommodation including:

For flat or house shares you could look on the following websites:
You may be interested in looking on social websites there are letting agents in the Town and you can access their details on www.yell.com
How to rent – The checklist for renting in England
This guide is for people who are about to rent a house or flat.  Most of it will equally apply if you are in a shared property but in certain cases your rights and responsibilities will vary.  The guide does not cover lodgers or people with licences – nor tenants where the property is not their main or only home.

https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/464910/ How_to_Rent_October_2015_FINAL.pdf

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