Oftentimes whenever you move to a new place the first thing to think about is education, where can I send my children that is safe, inspiring and worthwhile?

Luton hosts over 98 educational institutes catering from toddlers to teenagers, ranging from Nursery’s to a University, the choice is endless.


With over 55 Primary and Nursery Schools, to find out more visit:


And over 17 Secondary Schools, to find out more visit:




But let’s not forget the University, for those wanting to expand their knowledge even further.


The Luton campus at the University of Bedfordshire offers Business, Media Art and Design, Science, Computing, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences.

The University of Bedfordshire asks Irish students to hold an Irish Leaving Certificate (Irish Highers) when applying for a course.

Prospective students from Ireland and the rest of the European Union are eligible to receive loans from the British government to cover university tuition fees.

To apply for a university course at the University of Bedfordshire, you must go to a separate website called UCAS where there’ll be an admission fee of around £20, and further details of the steps that need to be taken.

Visit UCAS for more information on applying.

For more information about the University, visit the UOB Website.



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