Luton Irish Forum

Luton Irish Forum (LIF) is a registered charity and limited company formed in 1997, with over 900 members and a fully accessible centre. Whilst originally set up to safeguard the needs of the Irish residents in Luton, LIF is now a truly representative community organisation serving Luton’s diverse vulnerable and socially excluded people. Our activities and events which promote health and wellbeing, improve quality of life and increase social inclusion are accessed 30,000 times annually.

LIF provides welfare support through drop-ins, appointments and home visits relating to welfare benefits, housing, debt, applications for Irish passports and provides practical support to engage with Ombudsman services, tribunals, courts and appeals.

LIF coordinates a range of activities, groups and events which raise cultural awareness; promote health and wellbeing; improve quality of life; and foster better inter-community networking and co-operation through pioneering multicultural initiatives and school based workshops.

LIF promotes health and wellbeing and community learning through talks; health MOT days; keep fit, yoga, dance, language, literary and art classes and computer clubs.

LIF facilitates social opportunities through our luncheon clubs and has a 16-seat minibus that enables users with mobility difficulties to attend.

The Polish British Integration Centre

The PBIC was established in 2007 in response to the needs of the newly arrived Polish Migrant workforce and their families. All our activities are driven by one overriding purpose – to help those who need support in successfully integrating into British society.

The PBIC offers advice and assistance in accessing services provided by the local authorities and other institutions such as healthcare, education, housing. English language courses play a huge part in the help that we give. By teaching English as a foreign language we aim to empower the beneficiaries.

For children we offer Polish language classes and Polish history classes run by experienced teachers. We also have a traditional song and dance group who attends various functions promoting our services.

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