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Moving can be daunting. We’ve all been through that time of trying to find your feet in a new place, with a new culture; creating a new life and it’s scary. ‘This Is Luton’ can help.

This is Luton is a one stop shop for young Irish and Polish people who are considering moving to or who have just arrived in Luton.  It provides essential information and access to support services across Luton, helping to get support services connected with young Irish and Polish and the issues they are facing.


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Luton is the largest town in Bedfordshire, and is surrounded by the beautiful north Chiltern Hills.

It has excellent transport links to the rest of the UK and Europe, and lies just 50km north of London – the capital is only a 30 minute train journey away.

The town is home to Luton Town Football Club, London Luton Airport, The University of Bedfordshire and Luton Carnival which is the largest one-day carnival in Europe. Luton was for many years famous for hat-making, and was also home to a large Vauxhall Motors factory; the head office of Vauxhall Motors is still situated in the Town.

Luton boasts a wide collection of pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as the Galaxy Leisure complex, which offers an several restaurants, an 11-screen cinema, 16 bowling lanes, a trampoline park, an arcade and much more.

According to the 2011 Census, Luton has the highest percentage of Irish living outside of London. 6,126 [3%] of Luton residents ticked the Irish box, whilst just over 195 [0.1%] ticked the Irish Traveller box. This is not a true reflection as the majority of second and third generation did not tick the Irish box in the Census.

Luton’s culture continues to expand, and as reported by the Office of National Statistics, Luton has the most Polish-speakers in the East of England with 8,006 (4.1% of the population) and is ranked 5th in England and Wales (1st is Ealing, 2nd is Slough).

Luton is a vibrant multi-cultural town with a warm heart that has welcomed generations of new people who have made their home here. People continue to bring their interesting histories to make Luton what it is today.

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